How much damage will our legislature do to our state next year?

It depends. If we can influence votes early in the process, we have a better chance of killing bad bills before they get to the floor.

To do that, we need to raise $1550 to produce an app and a website that will shine a light on our legislators and how they’re voting in committees and on the floor. The Liberty Scorecard will follow bills as they meander through the Capitol, then publish vote results in real time. How our legislators are voting according to Liberty principles (personal liberty, free markets and limited government) will be out there for all to see. No filter, no BS. Just the scores.

Help us by donating to our campaign. The session starts on January 8, 2020. With your support, we’ll be ready to fight back.

RLCCO Unveils November Ballot Recommendations

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Ballots are in the mail and we’ll be reviewing ballot issues in as many municipalities as possible. Please leave comments below if you’d like to make recommendations on your local issues based on our principles of personal liberty, free markets and limited government.

Statewide, there are 2 Propositions being considered. Our recommendations are below.

Proposition CC: This will allow  the state to retain tax refunds under the TABOR amendment indefinitely. More info HERE.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado emphatically recommends a NO vote for several reasons:

  • The TABOR timeout is permanent. This will effectively eliminate the only tool the people of Colorado have to restrain the growth of government.
  • The proposition states that the excess revenue will be spent on roads and education, but these priorities can be changed over time at the whim of the state legislature.
  • The argument that TABOR hamstrings the government from expanding services is disingenuous. TABOR only specifies that in order to raise taxes, the government needs to make a convincing case and put it to a vote of the people of Colorado.

Proposition DD: This will allow sports betting at casinos in Colorado. Wagers will be taxed at 10%, with tax proceeds going to fund the Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund. More info HERE.

The RLCCO takes no position on this ballot issue, due to conflicting principles. On the one hand, we support sports betting on the grounds of personal freedom/personal responsibility. On the other hand, we are opposed to the expansion of government that would ensue in order to collect and distribute the proceeds of this initiative. It also limits sports betting to casinos and creates a fund that would protect those businesses in the event of losses.

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September 24 Meeting Announcement

Bad Votes Happen When No One’s Watching

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado will be holding a Charter meeting on Tuesday, September 24th, 6-8pm at the Independence Institute. If you live in Colorado and you’re into personal liberty, free markets and limited government, please join us.  We’ll be discussing the following:

  • Liberty Scorecard:  We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our 2019 Liberty Scorecard. We plan to expand and improve our scorecard in 2020, but it will require many more eyes on bills and a coordinated effort to compile data. No experience necessary. Training will be provided. If you want to be involved in this effort, or if you’re just interested in how it all works, don’t miss this meeting. We need help from all corners of the state and will be coordinating this effort electronically, so no travel necessary (unless you want to). Online training will also be available.
  • Proposition CC:  the November ballot initiative that would allow the government to keep our TABOR refunds indefinitely. We must fight this.
  • 2019 Officer Elections to be held later this fall.  If you’d like to be more involved, please consider running for office or at-large board member. You must be a member 30 days prior to the election to be able to vote. You can join here.  Bylaws are here.

Beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks provided.  Enter through the doors on the North side of the building, 727 E. 16th Ave.  Plenty of free parking.  Hope to see you there! Questions:, 303-349-6185.


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