Do We Really Want Government-Run Preschools?

They’ve already introduced Common Core Math and Critical Race Theory to our young students in public schools, whether parents approve or not. Now they want to expand their influence to the most malleable of minds: those of our preschoolers. The stated goal is to expand access and create a taxpayer-funded “universal preschool program.” This is one of Governor … More Do We Really Want Government-Run Preschools?

Three New Gun Bills Introduced Last Week

HB 1298: Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check. Among other things, this bill will essentially give the CBI unlimited time to process your background check instead of the 3 days they are currently allowed. No need to ban guns when you can just tie up the approval process indefinitely. HB1299: Office of Gun Violence Prevention. This … More Three New Gun Bills Introduced Last Week

Things that make you say hmmmm

HB21-1274 is a real head scratcher This bill would direct the department of personnel to inventory any unused state-owned buildings, then seek out developers who would be willing to convert them into affordable housing or renewable energy facilities. Two Questions: Has our state government grown so large, it doesn’t know what properties we own, and … More Things that make you say hmmmm

All Aboard!

SB21-238 was introduced this week and our state legislature is about to take us all for a ride. If passed, the Front Range Passenger Rail District would be created “for the purpose of planning, designing, developing, financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining a passenger rail system and specifying the territory, governing structure, powers, and duties of the district.”  With … More All Aboard!