Three New Gun Bills Introduced Last Week

HB 1298: Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check. Among other things, this bill will essentially give the CBI unlimited time to process your background check instead of the 3 days they are currently allowed. No need to ban guns when you can just tie up the approval process indefinitely. HB1299: Office of Gun Violence Prevention. This … More Three New Gun Bills Introduced Last Week

Things that make you say hmmmm

HB21-1274 is a real head scratcher This bill would direct the department of personnel to inventory any unused state-owned buildings, then seek out developers who would be willing to convert them into affordable housing or renewable energy facilities. Two Questions: Has our state government grown so large, it doesn’t know what properties we own, and … More Things that make you say hmmmm

All Aboard!

SB21-238 was introduced this week and our state legislature is about to take us all for a ride. If passed, the Front Range Passenger Rail District would be created “for the purpose of planning, designing, developing, financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining a passenger rail system and specifying the territory, governing structure, powers, and duties of the district.”  With … More All Aboard!

Open the Floodgates!

  Senate Bill 21-199: Remove Barriers to Certain Public Opportunities  This bill would provide public benefits to anyone in Colorado, regardless of legal status. (think K-12 education, higher education, healthcare, COVID stimulus money, etc.)  Most folks agree that our country needs more workers and that there are many jobs that go unfilled. This bill would … More Open the Floodgates!